Pancoat on magazine - with Orange Caramel

Posted: Jun 17 2014


Exciting news! New season's pancoat is on Ceci, as usual! Check it out!

Lizzy /PPOTAVT01W Pop Duck High Neck Field Vest  $155

         PPOTACR74U Pop Duck Raglan Coloration Crew Neck/ $72
         Pop Eyes Cap / $47
         PPOTEBG17U Pop Eyes Waist Bag / $61
         PPOTEBG16U Pop Eyes Mini Cross Bag / $41


Nana/ PPOTACR06U Pop Hud Light Crew Neck  $68

          PPOTEBG17U Pop Eyes Waist Bag  $61

Lizzy/ PPOTACR01U Pop Eyes Crew Neck(cut, reformed)  $68



Raina/ PPOTASJ01U Popeyes Mini Light Stadium Jumper / $127

          PPOTAHD01U Pop Eyes Hoody  $82



Raina/Popeyes Raglan Coloration Crew Neck/   $72

          Popeyes Cap / $40

NanaPPOTASJ01U Popeyes Mini Light Stadium Jumper / $127

          PPOTACR02U Pop Duck Crew Neck  $68


Nana /PPOTACR06U Pop Hund Light Crew Neck / $68


Lizzy / PPOTASJ01U Popeyes Mini Light Stadium Jumper/ $124
Raina/ PPOTASJ04W Pop Duck Mini Light Stadium Jumper/ $124
          Big Eyes Cap -Blue / $45


Lizzy /PPOTACR74U Pop Duck Coloration Crew Neck / $72

Raina/PPOTACR05U Pop Cat Light Crew Neck (Cut)/ $68

Nana /PPOTAHD03W Popduck Raglan Hoody / $68


Popeyes Raglan Coloration Crew Neck


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